The Archimedes Experiment

-an AI-guided micro-fund-


Political and economic events can cause currencies to gain or lose value relative to each other. With its vast data banks and model-creation systems as well as ground-breaking reactive analysis Invacio’s core-AI is always aware of the market determinants, and trades in real time.


Company shares move up and down in value based on market sentiment, fundamentals and more; Jean processes all of this in real time, accurately anticipating and reacting to market-movements.


Materials are an important part of what drives the worlds of industry and trade. A whole range of issues affects their value. Observing 24 hours a day, Jean determines, gathers and harnesses all relevant information on market fluctuations.

Archimedes Private Fund

Archimedes is a Friends and Family micro-fund (it is not open to investment by the general public at this time) that is undergoing rigorous testing. It is already achieving returns on a par with leading hedge funds.

Here we relay the weekly close of the experiment.

Archimedes up against traditional investment options

Here we have detailed the annual returns from the mid-to-top of traditional investment methods against Archimedes and it’s returns YTD on a weekly bases.

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  • William J D West

Archimedes Experiment

Putting our tiniest element to work.

The Archimedes fund is an open experiment designed to test and refine the interaction of our financial-AI’s most basic features. Originally a purely reactive stock trading system, set up to monitor live feeds, news and social media, and working primarily with self generating Markov Models by sentiment analysis, Archimedes has naturally evolved so it now covers all the major markets (including Commodities, Equities, and Foreign Exchange (Forex) and has integrated a number of key elements from our short and long term predictive system, Agnes. Immediately able to adapt to changes in market conditions, to read and sentiment analyse and respond to the written and spoken word, with historical and real-time data on every instrument, able to track news, analyst coverage, social media mentions, financials, industry-specific trends, satellite feeds, weather reports, regional conflicts, natural disasters, and many more, Archimedes has become a formidable technology.

A successful test will result in Archimedes being fully incorporated by our Hedge Fund, Aquila. This web page will be updated soon after market close each week, so you can follow the experiment as it proceeds. A flow-diagram and audio walk through of Archimedes can be found below.

Archimedes has been designed always to push an advantage so that gains are maximised; yet under the expert supervision of Invacio, there are also rules of equity management in place to ensure that drawdowns are kept to a minimum. As the Archimedes fund grows the experiment will further broaden to apply longer-term trading strategies.

Archimedes is a Private-Friends/Family/Developer test-fund started with only a few thousand dollars in liquid. It is not open to the public at this time. There are however opportunities to invest in Invacio itself and these can be found by emailing us here; to discuss future investment opportunities with Aquila you can email us here; and to utilise Agnes Equity Stocks Projections or for more information about her capabilities please visit here. Invacio is a company founded on and committed to transparency. This experiment is a small contribution to that transparency.


William James Dalrymple West

Because we are fully confident in Invacio’s trading, media-analytic, data and privacy technologies we will frequently run open tests of this nature for the public record. Invacio’s AI-driven technology is a ground-breaking achievement. We are a company founded on and committed to transparency. We are Invacio.


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Archimedes Flow

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*Invacio is a company founded on and committed to transparency and to the protection of online privacy. Our Warrant Canary can be found here.


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